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Legal Harborside

“The view from the rooftop is spectacular… Sitting up here in a nice breeze was  perfect on a late summer night.”

Neighborhood: Waterfront
Address:  270 Northern Avenue
Date of Visit: Sunday, August 26, 2012
Server Name:
 Kristen M.

Exterior View Photo Courtesy of Legal Harborside

The Vibe

Valerie absolutely hates seafood (sorry seafood lovers), so we had to be sure we wouldn’t be hungry when we visited Legal Harborside. Upon entering, Eric immediately decided that he wanted to visit the rooftop lounge and deck, which we had both read about in various publications. Each level of the establishment has it’s own vibe, which seems as if it would lend to a different experience if one sat on a different floor each time. The rooftop was going for swanky, featuring New York lounge-style seating along the edges with low-but-comfortable couches and coffee tables, high-top tables in the middle, and an expansive under-lit bar. Perfect for groups, we made friends and sat at a large high-top table on tall stools as opposed to heading to either end of the deck to the smaller tables, and it was a good decision. Our new friends quickly summoned their waitress over to take our order and made conversation throughout the night, and also provided a ton of entertainment (thanks for that margarita!).

Not only did the design team enhance the  romance by adding in a gas(or was it electric?) fireplace on the far side of the bar-area, the view from the rooftop is spectacular, from watching boats float by to scoping out planes as they land at Logan. Sitting up here in a nice breeze was  perfect on a late summer night!  The whole area can also be enclosed by the glass walls which you can see in the first picture, making a great destination any time of the year.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Rum Runner 
Ingredients:  Berkshire Ragged Mountain Rum, Smith & Cross Rum, pineapple, orgeat, lime, Myer’s Dark Rum float.
Cost: $11.00

Review: So originally I ordered the Caribbean Cobbler, which I was informed they were “out of,” so under pressure “I’ll have a Rum Runner” came out of my mouth.  I don’t know how it happened, and I kind of wish it didn’t.  From the first sip I was instantly transported back to my days at UNH.  After Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights, we would trek down to Libby’s and order $2 well drinks made with cheap rum for the remainder of the night.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, at Legal Harborside I paid $11 for essentially the very same drink with the overabundance of crushed ice and all.  The only real discernible differences were that I doubt Libby’s carried orgeat (which, according to Wikipedia is “a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange flower water”), and I wasn’t covered in sweat from dancing for hours in heels on a teeny tiny packed dance floor (love you though Libby’s). If you’re looking for a strong drink that makes you reminisce  this is a go-to.  While it may seem fitting for a rooftop bar, I’d prefer next time to class it up a bit and skip right to the margaritas.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Castle Island Iced Tea 
Ingredients: Tangueray Ten, Marie Brizard Peach, black tea, sugar, lemon
Cost: $10.00

Review: Once again I tried for some variety in my ordering, and stayed away from some of the more traditional drinks that were recommended by our new found friends (the pitchers, which would be a great deal for thisarea if split amongst friends, but are certainly no King’s-style
FSDs). I struggled between two cocktails but eventually settled on the
Castle Island Iced Tea.

For those who know me, I’m not a huge fan of regular iced tea, nor am I the biggest peach enthusiast. I found this cocktail to be pretty well balanced in terms of alcohol-versus-mixer flavor, as in it was good, and not too strong. The drink was very punchy, and I could picture a bowl of this at an 80s high school dance…you know, after someone spiked the punch? My only complaint is that the drink was
almost too peachy. It was like peach, on top of peach, on top of peach. Some kind of acid, like some lime juice, would have done well to cut the supple peach flavor.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Wines by the glass start at $9.50 and go up to $14 each.  Bottles begin at $31.  Champagne/Sparkling wine also available by the glass starting at $11 and by the bottle starting at $39.  Some half bottles available. 

Beer Prices: Eight beers are on draft at the Rooftop (no bottles listed on the menu), priced at either $5.50 or $6.50 each.  They even have a bit of local flavor, featuring Cambridge Brewing Company’s seasonal beer.

Other: Legal Harborside offers six pitchers for $20 a small pitcher and $40 a large pitcher (also served as single drinks for $10 each) – options include White & Red Sangria, Margarita (a bit more expensive at $28 and $55 for a small and large, respectively), St. Germain Cocktail, Seaport Spritzer, Purple Jesus (fruity mixture) and Love You Long Time (saki mixture). Five specialty drinks offered as well as a selection of Saki. The full menu is online courtesy of Scribd, here.


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