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“Morton’s is different from many of the other local steakhouses with all of the natural light coming in from the huge windows typical to the Waterfront.”

Neighborhood: Waterfront
Address:  2 Seaport Lane
Date of Visit: Sunday August 26, 2012
Server Name:

The Vibe

Morton’s Waterfront is different from many of the other local steakhouses, mainly because it is so bright due to all of the natural light distributed throughout the establishment coming in from the huge windows that are typical to the Waterfront. Valerie felt as is the “old” Morton’s on Boylston Street was better situated and offered a better atmosphere, but Eric did enjoy the open air that the room offered. What would normally be a traditional steakhouse was offset by chalkboards featuring fresh seafood as well as an environment that was less-than-private. While we were close enough to the table next to us to eavesdrop  we didn’t feel as if we had to. The bar area is up a few steps and gives a cohesive but similar vibe to the rest of the restaurant. Morton’s does offer patio seating, but the water view is limited  and the tables are close to the road. There is also a fairly large private dining room in the back of the restaurant. Perhaps our favorite part of the entire place was the wine boxes in the foyer belonging to Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton from the Bruins.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: French Raspberry Mortini 
Ingredients: Grey Goose le Citron Vodka, Chambord, Pineapple Juice
Cost: $14.75

Review: The French Raspberry was utterly delicious.  It was light yet creamy, and sweet without being overwhelmingly sugary.  The froth on top from shaking gave it a unique texture as well.  I think that the Chambord paired with the tartness of the Citron vodka helped to achieve this perfect balance.  It was a strong drink and I found myself slowly sipping it while enjoying some of the amazing bread that Morton’s serves before the main course. It would also do well as an after dinner treat.




Eric’s Drink of Choice: The Morton’s Mortini
Ingredients: Hendrick’s Gin, shaken and served with a slice of fresh English cucumber
Cost: $15.00

Review: In the spirit of Restaurant Week steakhouse dinner’s, I of course needed to order the signature drink of our chosen establishment. In this case, I was blessed to enjoy the Morton’s Mortini. This martini-glass of perfectly balanced deliciousness was smooth and chilled perfectly. There was no broken pieces of ice in the glass, meaning that either I got lucky, it was melted, or, that the bartender truly cared about this cocktail and stirred it rather than shaking it.

The base of this drink was Hendrick’s Gin, one of my favorites and one that I write about almost every time I order a gin drink and call my gin. Lacking a strong juniper taste, the smooth and crisp cucumber and rose accents made this so very amazing as I sipped on it. While not listed on the ingredients list, I did think I tasted a bit of vermouth, as expected; but, what say you Morton’s? Vermouth or sans vermouth?!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Morton’s has an extensive wine list. They have six house wines by the glass for $10 each, as well as fourteen reds and eight whites by the glass for $11 to $22. Four sparking wines are available by the glass for $12 to $19.  Four half bottles are on the menu as well as a countless numbers of bottles. More info on the wine list is available online, here.

Beer Prices: Eighteen bottled beers, including “Ultra Premium Crafts” like Fuller’s Vintage Ale are available starting at $6.  Most range from $6 to $12, but the Fuller’s will run you $21 for a 16.9 oz serving.

Other: Morton’s has an extensive cocktail list, including three signature Mortini’s (the other two being The Double Cross Mortini and the Ultimat Mortini, both $18) as well as five “spa-tinis” for $14 each  which are all under 200 calories, such as the Skinny Blood Orange Cosmopolitan. There are nine “classics” for $15 each, which are, well, classics, such as a Manhattan, Bloody Mary, and Gin Martini. Finally, there are nine cocktails on the “features” list for $14 each, including an Appletini, Mojito, and Lemon Drop.


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