Booze in Boston

Bar to Bar Through Beantown

Vintage Lounge

“The Vintage Lounge is the epitome of swanky…”

Neighborhood: Financial District
Address:  72 Broad Street
Date of Visit: Wednesday June 13, 2012
Bartender Name:

The Vibe

The Vintage Lounge is the epitome of swanky. The front door opens straight into a hotel-esque lounge bar with a small seating area off to the left (watch your step on the way in and out…there’s a bit of a step up between the lounge and the street). A few TVs adorn the wall making watching the game easy when seated in the plush bar stools, but that isn’t really the point of the space. The modern feel is abundant in the tiny seating area, and accentuated by the bar top being under lit. Tea lights are placed around the bar giving a somewhat softer, romantic feel in an otherwise “cool” space. The establishment is deceptively large. When you first walk in, the lounge area is surprisingly small; however, if you head back to the restaurant area you’ll find the restrooms and a second bar.

While one wall in the lounge is mostly windows and the other is mirrored and the home of the spirits, shadow boxes are strategically placed to display top shelf liquor, which is a nice touch. The staff here was quite friendly and quick to make recommendations off of their cocktail menu. The only downside to the space was the closet in the corner of the bar housing the security equipment – it became pretty awkward to watch ourselves on TV and made us look around for all of the “hidden” cameras. The Vintage Lounge features regular fun events, such as “Make your Own Martini” on one Friday this summer, and is the perfect place for drinks with friends in the lounge or tapas downtown.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Tiramisu Martini 
Ingredients:  Shot of Chilled Espresso, Vanilla Vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, Captain Morgan, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
Cost: $13.00

Review: The bartender had recommended the Espresso Martini to me, saying that it’s different from most, but given that I’ve reviewed my share of espresso-esque martini drinks here on the blog, I decided to get the Tiramisu Martini, something I hadn’t seen elsewhere.  I love me some Tiramisu, and hoped this drink wouldn’t disappoint.   While the drink wasn’t bad, it tasted like, well, an espresso martini, thus leaving me to wonder what the actual espresso martini tastes like (return trip may be in store here).  I couldn’t really taste the Captain Morgan at all – perhaps that bite may have made it taste more like the dessert it’s named after.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Sweet & Spicy Martini 
Ingredients: Cazadores Resposado, Ginger Liqueur, Mango Puree, Fresh Cilantro, Dash of Spice, Lime Juice, Honey Simple Syrup
Cost: $13.00

Review: This surprising cocktail started out watery and could have used more some simple syrup to enhance the mouth-feel, but the layers of flavor that slowly built after the first sip were complex, interesting, and well balanced. The sweet was abundant up front, but not overwhelming, and literally made me think of an umbrella drink on a beach; however, the spice kicked in before I could even mention the feeling to Val, and the finish was all heat, which stayed on the palate in between sips. Honestly, the ending flavor left me wondering if they somehow distilled Red Hots at the movies. If I had one complaint about this little wonder besides mouth-feel , it would be the pulp at the bottom of the drink – nothing a trip through a fine strainer wouldn’t fix!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Seventeen whites and seventeen reds are available by the glass from $7 to $18 each. The full wine list by the bottle is view-able online here.

Beer Prices: Twelve bottled craft beers and eight regular bottles are available, along with eight beers on tap.  No prices were listen on the menu.

Other: When we were in they were featuring their Summer seasonal menu, including concoctions like the Lychee Pisco Sour, Pomegranate Martini, and Grapefruit Margarita, all for $12 or $13 each. The full Autumn drink menu is online here.


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