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Battery Park Bar & Lounge

“While more intimate than it’s sister location, Sweet Caroline’s, Battery Park does offer an almost identical menu for both food and drink.”

Neighborhood: Financial District
Address:  33 Batterymarch Street
Date of Visit: Wednesday June 13, 2012
Server Name:


The Vibe

Battery Park is a great location that reminds us of an upscale venue with quirky bar qualities. The bar is expansive and covered by two bartenders who make sure their patrons are topped off and the bar top is squeaky clean. Despite being swamped with patio parties (we have to schedule one, seriously) that had been moved inside due to potential rainy weather, our waitress was absolutely great. The bartenders seemed on top of the rush at the bar and didn’t seem to be in the weeds at all.

While more intimate than it’s sister location, Sweet Caroline’s, Battery Park does offer an almost identical menu for both food and drink. When we first got there,  it was incredibly loud, and we had to scream to hear each other across the table. But, once a couple of the patio parties tapered down the noise became more manageable. The waitress explained that it doesn’t usually get super loud in the area, but that there was just so many large groups due to the rain washing out the outdoor parties making it noisy and crazy – something we didn’t expect for a Wednesday evening. The music is mostly Top 40 and the bar is well-adorned with televisions featuring a variety of sports games (not Boston-centric like other area bars). Overall, a great spot for drinks after work in the Financial District or to head out with a group of friends.  They also have trivia on Mondays at 7pm and offer brunch on Sundays with a Bloody Mary bar.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Clementine Mango Mint Cooler
Ingredients:  Svedka Clementine, Cruzan Mango Rum, fresh muddled mint, orange juice, fresh squeezed limes
Cost: $9.00

Review: In full disclosure, this was  not the drink I wanted.  At first I ordered the Carrot Cake Martini, having never seen anything like it elsewhere, but unfortunately the bar was out of Goldschlager. So, under the pressure of having the bartender hover over me while I picked a second choice, I opted to go with the Clementine Mango Mint Cooler. It tasted slightly like Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler (which I learned is no longer made?!?!), which makes sense given the orange juice/clementine combo. There was a lot of flavor in this drink, likely due to the number of ingredients, and Eric called it “botanical” when he took a sip (of course he did…have you  read his reviews?)  One downfall – it could have been colder, maybe it would have helped if served in a chilled glass or shaken before it was served as I’m not a fan of lukewarm fruity drinks.  Maybe I’ll have to go back for that Carrot Cake…



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Black Cherry Manhattan 
Ingredients: Jim Bean Black Cherry Infused Bourbon shaken with Sweet Vermouth and muddled cherries
Cost: $9.00

Review: This was a very well-made manhattan, my one critique is morse so with the whiskey manufacturer…for something labelled as cherry, the only hint of it is on the nose. My hope was for a unique flavor that would really set this cocktail apart from other Manhattans – so I felt kind of let down. Despite the lack of cherry flavor, the flavors were well-blended and balanced, which would have left me satisfied if I had simply ordered a straight up Manhattan.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Nine reds, one pink, and nine whites are available for $7 to $15 a glass and $32 to $60 per bottle. The full wine and beer list is view-able online here.

Beer Prices: Nine bottled beers at $4 and $5 each and  five regular drafts from $4.50 to $7 each (including Woodchuck!).  There are also eleven “specialty drafts” from $4 to $6 each, including Magic Hat, Narragansett, and Wachusett Blueberry.

Other: Battery Park has eleven cocktails and eleven martinis listed on their drink menu, ranging from $9 to $12. Options include an Effen Bloody Buddy (similar to a Bloody Mary), Peach Melba Martini, and a Caramel Appletini.


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