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Sweet Caroline’s

“One of the newer locations in the Fenway, opening in the past year, it’s the perfect low-key sports bar that Fenway needs.”

Neighborhood: Fenway
Address: 1260 Boylston Street
Date of Visit: Monday, April 30, 2012
Server Name:

(Source – another bad night for photos!)

The Vibe

We really enjoy Sweet Caroline’s whenever we stop by. As one of the newer locations in the Fenway, opening in the past year, it’s the perfect low-key sports bar that Fenway needs to offset the craziness that often ensues at Remy’s, Bleacher Bar, Game On!, and Boston Beerworks. The bar and adjacent seating area at the top of the restaurant are great for mid-sized groups, watching a game, or grabbing a couple of beers before a game (which happened to be what we were up to!). The restaurant-seating area on the way in is home to a smaller bar and ivy-covered walls that give this establishment an uncharacteristic North End-type feel. The staff at Sweet Caroline’s are extremely attentive, and the food here is great for your typical bar fare. What’s interesting is that despite taking months to establish the bar’s cocktail menu (we were in RIGHT when they opened), the list is identical to that of Battery Park (much of the food menu is the same, too…review coming soon!).

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: The Ultimat Blueberry Freeze
Ingredients:  Ultimat Vodka, Patron Citronge orange liqueur, fresh blueberry and orange juices, garnished with blueberries
Cost: $10.00

Review: It was a hot day and we were headed to the Red Sox game – looking for a way to stay cool, I ordered the Ultimate Blueberry Freeze expecting a chilly blender creation.  In looking at the photo, clearly that’s not what I got. I was disappointed in more ways that one with this drink – it was a weak drink that tasted like fruit juice.  The blueberry flavor was ever so slight, and the garnish, although listed as blueberries on the menu, was a slice of lime. Lime and blueberries?  That’s not the best combination.  In short, it was a $10 drink in a tiny glass filled mostly with ice that didn’t taste all that great.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Perfect Storm
Ingredients: Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, muddled oranges and limes, simple syrup, Drambuie, topped with ginger beer
Cost: $10.00

Review: My first reaction when I saw the Perfect Storm on the menu was visions of George Clooney captaining a boat, and that this reminded me of a vodka mojito on steroids (even though I knew that the Perfect Storm was Sweet Caroline’s version of a Dark ‘n Stormy). I have to admit, I was a bit underwhelmed with this cocktail. I was expecting something truly amazing – knowing full well I wasn’t getting anything even close to a true Dark ‘n Stormy as there was no rum in the drink (so this means no Gossling’s, who owns the trademark for the name Dark ‘n Stormy – but I digress) and that the libation was much more complex than the original version. I was expecting layers of light flavors, but unfortunately the fruits were completely overwhelmed by the Drambuie (even the ginger beer flavor was masked). The only hint of any citrus in the cocktail was from the pulp present in the bottom of the glass. This drink got better as it went along and my palate adjusted to the intensity of the Drambuie, but it was truly one of those cocktails that I was drinking quickly just to get out of the way. The Perfect Storm gets some points for creativity, but loses out on execution; that being said, I still love Sweet Caroline’s!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Six whites are available for $8 to $16 a glass and $32 to $64 per bottle (one of these bottles was Flip Flop Pinot Grigio, which Valerie likes, and can be purchased in store for $8.99).  Somehow, we missed the list of red wines…sorry!

Beer Prices: Twenty beers are on draft and fifteen canned beers are listed on the menu, but no prices!

Other: Sweet Caroline’s has a selection of cocktails and martinis, all ranging from $10 to $12 each.  Options include the Falling Pear Martini, Raspberry Cheesecake Martini,  a Mojito, and an Hand Shaken Daquiri. They also have a large selection of scotches.


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