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Nervous Nellie’s

“Another stop during our vacation, Nervous Nellie’s is a down to earth bar right on the water with dockside access for boaters and fishermen.”

Neighborhood: Fort Myers, Florida
Address: 1131 1st Street
Date of Visit: Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Server Name:

The Vibe

Nervous Nellie’s tag line is “crazy waterfront eatery,” and while you can find some crazy places in Boston, this restaurant is not something that you would necessarily find up here in the Northeast – it’s a down to earth bar right on the water with dockside access for boaters and fishermen. Literally, we watched folks pull up on party boats, jet-skis, yachts, and the Sheriff’s boat as we sat dockside and enjoyed an amazing meal and a great face-sized drink! The casual atmosphere brings us back to something like the Ground Round (okay, for those of you just turning 21, this was like a local TGI Fridays), but without the chain-y feel (and popcorn), and with a ginormous Cheesecake Factory-sized menu full of creative items. Speaking of menu, their drink “list” is extremely lengthy, and while not quite as large as the book at Clio, it’s a good contender – see all of the drinks listed below!

The Drinks

Valerie & Eric’s Drink of Choice: Nervous Nellie 
Ingredients:  Seven Tiki Spiced Rum, Banana Rum, Pineapple Rum, Cherry Rum, Coconut Rum, Orange Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, Cranberry Juice
Cost: $18.95

Review: We couldn’t resist ordering this cocktail for two – one, because of Val’s parents encouragement; and two, because it sounded like the 8 days of honeymoon (and tropical cocktails) at the Excellence Playa Mujeres  rolled into one! Also, you can’t get more of a signature drink than the one that’s named after the restaurant. It’s listed as a “Photo-Op Drink” so of course lots of photos were taken – thanks Mom for this one!

This drink is essentially 60 oz of rum – seven types at that! It didn’t seem overly strong, but it definitely packed a punch and allowed us to enjoy our time in the big huge chair a bunch! Let’s just say it hits you after awhile 🙂 The fruit-flavored rum concoction seemed to shout, “GIVE ME AN UMBRELLA,” and was the perfect way to cool down from the hot Florida sun. Surprisingly, the drinks flavor didn’t clash whatsoever with either of our meals, and we would definitely recommend this giant cocktail while listening to some Buffet while sitting with friends on the outside deck overlooking the marina!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Twenty four wines are available by the glass for $5.95 to $7.95. Two kinds of sparking wine are available by the split for $9.95.

Beer Prices: With the lengthy menu – we must have missed the beer list…sorry!

Other: Along with the Nervous Nellie, there are 2 other “Photo-Op” drinks, including a Bahama Breeze and a Tiki Beach. Four flavors of mojitos are available for $8.95 (one of which is Dragonberry), six “specialty cocktails” are listed for $7.95 including the Arctic Dragon and Huckleberry Lemonade. Nine martinis are also on the menu for $9.95 each, such as the Chocolate Raspberry Martini and Marvelous Melon Martini, and nine margaritas from $7.95 to $12.95

You can get a regular Bloody Mary for $7.95 or “upgrade” to the Shrimp Cocktail Bloody Mary for $15.95 which gets you a drink “sporting plump cocktail shrimp, Absolut Vodka, olives and more!” There are also four specialty shots for $7.95 each, one of which is the Pickle Knocker which is a shot of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey with a shot of pickle juice (yum?).

One of our favorite parts of Nervous Nellie’s was this over-sized chair by the front entrance! 



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