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Rattlesnake Bar and Grill

“With a large first floor for dining/dancing on weekends, a roof deck, and a bar area with smaller cocktail tables, there is something for everyone.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 384 Boylston Street
Date of Visit: Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Bartender Name: Unknown 😦

The Vibe

The Rattlesnake is located a bit further down on Boylston Street than most of the bars, but it is worth the extra minute walk.  With a large first floor for dining (a section of which is cleared off to create a small dance floor on busier weekend nights), a roof deck (open April through October), and a bar area with smaller cocktail tables, there is something for everyone.  The nachos here get rave reviews (we would agree with the hype, they were yummy) and they have a large selection of beers (see below for more info).  The bar has ample seating and multiple TVs, and patrons often see the chef walking around and socializing with the guests.  Right now they’re also running a “Ghost Chile Challenge” in which for $16 and your signature on a waiver, you can “enjoy” a margarita laced with the hottest chilies in the world – more about another blogger’s experience with that challenge here!

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Black Raspberry Gimlet 
Ingredients:  Chambord Vodka, Lime Juice, Muddled blackberries and raspberries
Cost: $10.00

Review: I was immediately drawn to this version of the Gimlet after my great Coconut Lime Gimlet experience at Emmet’s and I was intrigues by the unique twist Rattlesnake had come up with by incorporating berries. I was not disappointed – the Black Raspberry Gimlet tasted like an alcoholic smoothie – it was light, sweet and went down easy.  The bartender literally put the whole berries into the shaker, so the flavor was very apparent…unfortunately so were the seeds which tended to get stuck in my teeth. Due to the berries the thickness was also a bit unusual for a martini glass style drink, but boy was it tasty!


Eric’s Drink of Choice: Cherub’s Blossom Martini  
Ingredients: Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germain Liqueur, Lime Juice, Fresh Raspberries, Prosecco
Cost: $12.00

Review: The Cherub jumped out at me as something that would prove a great foil to the margaritas we had sampled at Rattlesnake earlier in the evening. Pairing some of the ingredients from the raspberry margarita (well, the lime and raspberry), with others that would highlight them in a way that would prove light in comparison to the previous libations was a great choice.

Those that know me well are aware that I am a huge fan of Hendrick’s Gin, especially in a drink like this. Hendrick’s bucks the trend of gin tasting like “Christmas Trees” (as Val would say), and infuses a cool, cucumber-like smooth into any mixed drink. This, paired with the Elderflower-based St. Germain was a great contrast and a nice way to cap the evening. The prossecco kept the drink light while providing a great zing, greatly enhancing the mouth feel. My only wish is that they strained the chunks of muddled raspberries out of the cocktail, as all the flavors were there, but the bits of raspberry getting caught in my teeth was probably not attractive. Straining the cocktail and then adding a couple of whole raspberries as a garnish may have proved a bit more appealing, but nonetheless the flavors were there!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Five whites are available by the glass for $8 to $10 and by the bottle for $28 to $35. Six red wines are available by the glass for $7 to $11 and by the bottle for $24 to $35. Four sparkling wines are also on the menu, three of which are by the bottle only.

Beer Prices: Thirteen beers are on tap, including two “of the week” taps which vary.  All drafts sell for $5 to $6.25. There are also forty six bottled beers, ranging from $5 to $11 each.

Other: Rattlesnake offers eight margaritas, including a Skinny Girl Margarita and a Cranberry Jalapeno Margarita all for $8 to $12 per glass – they also sell by the pitcher but there are no prices on the menu. There are six drinks on their “Martinis & Cocktails” list – along with the two above, there is a Caipirinha, a Dark & Stormy, Sangria by the glass and pitcher as well as a Pisco Sour – these drinks sell for $7 to $12 each.  They also had three “Winter Specials” which we assume change by the season.  For winter they were offering a Winter Spiced Peppermint Mocha, a 10 Figs, and a Starry Old Fashioned.

The full drink menu is available online, here.


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