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jm curley

“jm curley provides an amazing craft cocktail experience in a laid back and comfortable atmosphere!”

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 21 Temple Place
Date of Visit: Friday, February 10, 2012
Server Name:
 Kyle K.

The Vibe

Bubble Hockey (check). Popcorn machine (with various flavors…check). Craft cocktails and awesome food (check).

jm curley provides an amazing craft cocktail experience in a laid back and comfortable atmosphere (complete with popcorn! We had garlic bread flavored.) The bar is low-lit, with wood tones and brick. You’re not going to find a number of TVs here…although there is that one in the picture above, but you will find great food, and the focus is absolutely on the cocktails. The knowledgable bar staff varies from being dressed down in a white t-shirt to wearing vest and bow tie later in the evening, but don’t let it fool you, they can all make amazing drinks.

Not a fan of cocktails? Come here for some craft brews and other hard to find beers (and did we mention popcorn?), as jm curley has a wide variety of them. You should also check out their menu, which features a number of items made fresh in house, including milk ‘n cookies and other fabulous items. Perhaps Valerie’s favorite part…ice cream infused with alcohol.  She had the “Drunk Mint Chocolate Chip” which was superb, and probably should warrant it’s own drink review. If nothing else, come in to read the “Law & Order” part of the menu (see it in full here). They won’t tolerate douchebags…which makes it a huge step up from some of the establishments we’ve visited around the corner in Faneuil Hall.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Rhyme & Reason  
Ingredients:  Cachaca, aperol, fall spice, lime, grapefruit
Cost: $9.00

Review: So I saw that this drink had Cachaca in it and was instantly transported back to the delicious drink I had at the Brazilian Steakhouse a few months ago. The first interesting part of this drink is that is has an apple for garnish…which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.  I literally had to bite into it to make sure that’s what it was!  This drink was yummy – the cachaca gave it a bit of a margarita flavor, but that could be because of it’s similarity to tequila. There was a kick from both the liquor and the spices, and the aperol (a mixture of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and cinchona according to the Wiki) also added to the “spice-like” flavor. Overall, a good cocktail at a great establishment.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Deauville 
Ingredients: Brandy, Calvados, Combier, Lemon
Cost: $9.00

This unique cocktail was a wonderful blend of brandys (you wouldn’t think brandy would come to the top of my mind when selecting a drink – but hear me out). The blend of traditional brandy and calvados, a French brandy which is apple-based, played perfectly of the combier – a traditional version of the well-known Triple Sec.

*A brief lesson* – Combier is often (and should be) considered superior to other triple sec’s and on par with other premium orange liqueurs, even more well known versions such as Grand Marnier and Cointreau. In fact, despite being branded as a triple sec (which you’d usually think of as a low-alcohol syrup), the Combier was able to stand up to the brandys in flavor while not overwhelming the nose of the cocktail. This is something that I will be looking to add to our home bar, as it can be used both as a triple sec but also in place of a finer liqueurs in cocktails (top-shelf margaritas, anyone?).

The layers of flavor in this were amazing, leaving the pucker of tart on my palate. Perhaps my favorite part of the cocktail was the loaded blueberry garnish that was an oh-so-good way to finish up the libation.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Eleven whites and sixteen reds are available.  Only bottle prices are listed on the menu – $28 to $56 for white and $28 to $91 for red – but one of our friends ordered wine by the glass for a reasonable price.

Beer Prices: Six beers are on tap for $5 to $6 each. Thirty four bottled beers are available for $3 to $18 each.  They have some rare finds such as b.o.r.i.s. the crusher, Salvation, and Merry Monks. Their full beer list is available here.

Other: jm curley has ten drinks on their cocktail menu, all of which are $9.  Along with the two above, other options include Mister Bubbles (cava, sugar, bitters) and a Hemingway Heat (rhum agricole, marashino, grapefruit, lime, jalepeno).  The full cocktail list is online here.

Also, check out a picture of our delicious Garlic Bread Popcorn:


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