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“Dillon’s is an eclectic restaurant – with two floors, an outdoor patio, and an almost Newbury location it is a cross between a sports bar and a classy establishment.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 955 Boylston Street
Date of Visit: Thursday, February 8, 2012
Server Name:

The Vibe

Dillon’s is an eclectic restaurant – with two floors, an outdoor patio, and an almost Newbury location it is a cross between a sports bar and a classy establishment (which definitely depends on if the Red Sox are in town or not). The area we sat in was fairly open, with a grouping of high top tables by the bar. The interior is mostly wood based, with two toned wood flooring and wooden overhead fans in the shape of leaves. They have a back room that you can rent for functions, and the patio is the perfect place for a beer on a hot summer day. There was a sign next to the bar that said “Sorry we don’t have donuts on draft”  which was rather comical.  Also, the sweet potato fries here were amazing and were served in an individual deep fryer basket which was a nice touch.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Icing on the Cake Martini  
Ingredients:  Captain Morgan Rum, Vanilla Schnapps, half & half, caramel drizzle
Cost: $10.00

Review: I was excited to see the Icing on the Cake martini, especially when noticing that Captain was the first ingredient listed. The glass was beautifully decorated with the caramel drizzle, which was absolutely delicious, but I wish had been incorporated into the drink more. The cocktail came out with a bit of froth, likely due to the half & half within it.  This drink tastes a lot like icing with a kick – it has a sweet beginning with a rum aftertaste.  It is definitely a dessert beverage (and therefore didn’t pair well with the fried chicken sandwich I ordered!).  There were a few ice chunks in it, and I wish there was more caramel, knocking the rating down a bit.  The drink was also $10, which to me seemed a bit steep for the product delivered.


Eric’s Drink of Choice: Dillon’s Half & Half  
Ingredients: Burnett’s Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemonade
Cost: $9.00

Review: This delicious little concoction served in a mason jar was literally an Arnold Palmer with a kick. The Sweet Tea vodka was surprisingly smooth and tasty, and balanced well with the tart lemonade, that tasted as if it was fresh squeezed and not from concentrate. Overall, though, this cocktail probably wasn’t worth the $9.00, as there would’ve been a lot more bang for the buck with a martini or Manhattan of sorts.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Nine whites and nine reds are available for $8 per glass and $30 per bottle.  Two sparking wines also on the menu.

Beer Prices: Ten beers on tap and twenty one bottled beers are on the menu, but no prices were listed!

Other: Dillon’s has nine Martinis on their menu, although no prices were listed so they may vary by drink.  Besides the Icing on the Cake Martini, others include a Brandied Pear, PB Special, Apple Crisp, and Espresso.  They also have a cocktail list with eleven other drink (again no prices listed), which include a Raspberry Lime Rickey, Limon-Blueberry Fizz, and Honey Badger, among others.


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