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House of Blues

“The restaurant area itself is very reminiscent of the function space – it is concrete based, with exposed ducts in the ceiling and with very eclectic artwork hanging everywhere.”

Neighborhood: Fenway
Address: 15 Lansdowne Street
Date of Visit: Friday, February 3, 2012
Server Name:

The Vibe

We came to the House of Blues for dinner before going to see Jukebox the Ghost and Jack’s Mannequin in concert at their adjacent concert hall. The restaurant area itself is very reminiscent of the function space – it is concrete based, with exposed ducts in the ceiling and with very eclectic artwork hanging everywhere. The House of Blues had a fairly large seating area, with a big wooden bar running the majority of the length of one wall, with high top seating in between there and the small booths on the opposite wall. There appeared to even be a small stage at the back of the room – perhaps for more intimate shows? So when we came, we didn’t mind the 20 minute wait to get seated – we were able to peruse the menu and chat, but once seated, we didn’t think it would take 20 minutes to even have someone come by the table to greet us. The tables in between the bar and seating areas were not quite big enough for our party of four, but we managed despite the wobbly chairs and everyone who walked by bumping into us.  We also managed with the draft coming from the door and the Avril Levine music blasting. In short, the service was pretty bad, the food was so-so and the drinks were weak for the price – if you’re looking to get a cocktail before a show there, may we suggest somewhere else?  Perhaps Cask & Flaggon, Lansdowne Pub, or Jerry Remy’s

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Bluesmobile  
Ingredients:  Bacardi Limon, Blue Curacao, Skyy Raspberry, Bombay Sapphire, Skyy, topped with Sweet & Sour and Sprite
Cost: $10.00

Review: There was a lot going on in this drink.  Too much if you ask me. At first look, I thought this would be good – I’ve been a fan of the Bombay Sapphire since my last experience at the Hub Pub, so I went for it – unfortunately, it fell short. With so many flavors in one glass, it tasted a bit like a Jungle Juice gone bad.   It was a mix of super sweet and watered down and I could barely taste the alcohol among the juices despite there being four different types of it in there. To be honest it kind of reminded me of a Hi-C Fruit Punch. That coupled with the price and the poor service left me with a sour taste in my mouth despite all of the sweetness in the drink.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Lynchburg Stag  
Ingredients: Red Stag by Jim Bean, Domain de Canton Ginger, Limeade, splash of Ginger
Cost: $9.00

Review: This was an interesting play on a pretty typical whiskey drink. The cherry flavor in the Red Stag really played well off of the Limeade, creating a smooth and delicious taste that wasn’t too strong, nor too sweet. This was the first time I’d experienced the Stag, and while I thought it would be much sweeter, the black cherry was balanced nicely in the whiskey, not quite as harsh as a regular whiskey but still with the familiar burn. The Limeade gave a nice citrus-y pucker to the cocktail which was accented by the bubbles from the ginger. This was absolutely a drink I’d order again, despite the service we got at the establishment, although I wouldn’t run back to the HOB to get one…


The Stats

Wine Prices: Seven reds and seven whites available by the glass for $7610 and by the bottle for $24-40. Two sparking wines are also on the menu.

Beer Prices: Sixteen bottled and ten draft beers available for $4-6.50.   Most are $6.

Other: The House of Blues has thirteen cocktails on their drink menu, ranging from $7 to $13 each.  Along with the two above, there is a Cracker Jack, Oak & Coke, Bloody Red Sox and a Rockin’ Margarita.


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