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Fajitas & Ritas

“Fajitas & Ritas perfect for large groups and the drinks are cheap enough to satisfy one’s thirst without breaking the bank.”

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 23 West Street
Date of Visit: Thursday, February 2, 2012
Bartender Name:

The Vibe

This place is kind of like a extra large dive that tries really hard not to be a dive. It’s perfect for large groups and the drinks are cheap enough to satisfy one’s thirst without breaking the bank. The music and overall volume is not too loud as to drown out your conversation, but also not so soft that it wouldn’t fill up some dead space. The bar is large and U-shaped, giving the bartenders the ability to see the entire restaurant the patrons the opportunity to watch them work. Our bartender was quite friendly and enjoyable, and wasted no time in whipping together our drinks as soon as we had ordered.  All of the tables are covered with white butcher block paper that gets changed between parties (no crayons could be seen though), and the walls are painted with the Boston skyline among other sights.  There are a few colorful wood thatched awnings over the seating areas as well. We’ve heard the food here is pretty good, but haven’t had the pleasure of trying it – other than the basket of tortilla chips that we were served (they were scooped out of a huge bin of chips in the middle of the restaurant). That being said, the entire group smelled like fajitas, tacos, and other variations of their “Texas and barbecue” cuisine for about a week (ugh, my scarf, it still smells) despite having consumed no food.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Cape Cod ‘Rita 
Ingredients:  Lunazul Blanco, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice
Cost: $5.84

Review: Cape Cod ‘Rita.  One would expect when ordering this to receive a mix between a Cape Codder (one of my faves) and a margarita, right?  Well instead I got a glass of essentially pink tequila.  There was absolutely no flavor of cranberry whatsoever, and I only knew it was there because of the color (or wassss it?). Anyway, this drink would have gotten three cheers as it actually wasn’t all that bad tasting and was strong for the price. However, I docked a cheer for false advertising.  Well, that and there was no salted rim and it was served in a juice glass.  How does a place like Fajitas & Ritas not serve drinks in a margarita glass?



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Tres Compadres  Margarita
Ingredients: Sauza Tres Generations, Cointreau, Chambord, Rose’s Lime Juice, fresh lime juice, Orange juice, Grapefruit juice
Cost: $9.81

Review: I almost went into diabetic shock within the first two sips of this drink. Seriously. This was the worst “margarita” I’ve ever had, which makes me wonder how this establishment can feel okay with having “‘Rita” in their name. The orange juice and grapefruit juice completely overwhelmed any of the liquors involved, and the tartness that one would expect from a margarita was non-existent. The biggest issue I have with this is that you’re using Sauza Tres Generations, which is a super-premium tequila, which I would at least expect to taste in the cocktail. The Chambord didn’t even help this drink, as it only went further in muting the bite that the cocktail should have had and didn’t do much in terms of improving the texture. Overall, this one was just far too complex for me (simply, people, simplify!) and I’ll try out one of their more generic versions next time.



Guest Blogger Burns’ Drink of Choice: Moonraker 
Ingredients: Lunazul Resposado, Pineapple juice, Blue Curacao
Cost: $5.84

Review:  The Moonraker is a blue sugary tequila drink. I just assume 90% of the drink is blue curacao given its strong sugar content and shocking blue color. I’m not sure I would ever go out of my way for this drink again. Free chips and salsa along with a moderate pour is really what made it worth it.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Three white wines available for $4.44 or $5.37 per glass and $14.71 or $17.76 per bottle. Reds available in four varieties for $4.44 to $7.48 a glass and $14.72 to $24.30 a bottle.  Sangria is also available by the glass and liter.

Beer Prices: Thirteen bottled beers are on the menu for $3.51 to $4.91 a bottle.  Six draft beers are available by the pint starting for $2.80 (PBR) to $4.91 as well as by 60 oz pitchers. for $9.81 to $17.06.

Other:  Fajitas & Ritas has fifteen “‘Rita Cocktails” that range from $5.84 to $9.81 a drink.  Including our three ‘ritas above, there are The Baja, Moonraker, and Mexican Sunrise. They also have eleven “Featured ‘Ritas” including your more traditional frozen and on the rocks varieties with multiple flavors.  Several of these are available by the liter as well as the glass.

Fajitas & Ritas’ full drink menu is available online here!


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