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Max & Dylans Kitchen Bar

“The food is decently priced and tasted great – Eric hasn’t stopped raving about the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese that he ordered.”

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 15 West Street
Date of Visit: Thursday, February 2, 2012
Server Name:
 Megan B.

The Vibe

Max and Dylan’s is located off the beaten path a bit in the Downtown/Financial District area.  They’re right next to Fajita’s and Rita’s (review coming soon!), which for some reason more people are familiar with, so it’s a good reference point to know how to get there.  To be honest, our experience with the vibe of this place is somewhat limited, as when we came for dinner we were seated in a back corner across from the bar area.  Eric commented that all he saw all night was a plain white wall, and Valerie literally had to duck to be able to get into the area where we were seated since the ceiling is lower in that section.  However, the bar area is nice and open, with ambient lighting as you can see above.  It was fairly busy there on a Thursday night dinner service, and they had the Bruins game up on the few TVs by the bar. There is some seating by the bar, as well as another seating area up a flight of stairs.  The food is decently priced and tasted great – Eric hasn’t stopped raving about the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese that he ordered. According to their website, there is also a City Square Charleston location that overlooks the Zakim Bridge…we sense another trip is in store as that’s one of Eric’s favorite city views.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Orange Creamsicle 
Ingredients:  Absolut Mandarin, Vanilla
Cost: $9.00

Review: The Orange Creamsicle was extremely reminiscent of the tasty frozen treats I had growing up.  Whether you call it a Creamsicle or a Dreamsicle pop (did you know the difference is that Dreamsicles have ice milk in the center while Creamsicles have ice cream?  Neither did I until I looked it up), this cocktail tasted like an alcohol infused version.  On first taste, this drink was extremely sweet and smooth, but soon into the taste, the alcohol really kicked in. This might be the only time you see me write this, but the alcohol after taste was a bit overwhelming, and I would have preferred the creamy taste to remain from start to finish.  Regardless, it was still yummy, and led me to thinking if there’s a way to make actual frozen Creamsicles with alcohol in them -perhaps in the orange outer shell?  Anything is possible?



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Absolut Boston Home Run
Ingredients: Absolut Boston Vodka, White Grape Juice, Ginger
Cost: $9.00

Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can begin. I have been a fan of Absolut Boston since I first saw that beautiful Green Monster-esque sign advertising the sweet nectar of summers past in the Kenmore Square T station as my train passed through. I was compelled to try it and did so as soon as I was able to locate it at one of our usual watering holes (thank you Olive at 6B). I then began stockpiling bottles of the liquor (it was Limited Edition after all) until one day, there were no more bottles to be had.

That was over a year ago. Friends and family occasionally would find a bottle to gift to me, but while the Absolut Wild Tea that “replaced” Boston, in it no way shape or form satisfied my thirst for the unique flavor that I longed for (or thought I did because it had “Boston” in the name). That is, until I looked at Max & Dylans menu…”ABSOLUT BOSTON HOME RUN “…and proceeded to yell as mentioned above.

Yes, I’m aware that this cocktail was one of the originals marketed by Absolut at the inception of Boston, but this drink is not only wonderful because (I thought) it contained my favorite Limited Edition vodka ever. It was quite simply one of the most perfectly balanced cocktails I have ever consumed (and I can only attribute that to the bartender). The floral nature of the elderflower and smack of tea flavor perfectly play off of the light notes of the white grape juice and bubbles in the ginger-ale. Nothing was overdone, nothing was missing, it was just…perfect. I should say that Absolut did me a favor by releasing Wild Tea internationally, as it is essentially the same as Boston, just branded to a broader audience.


Guest Blogger Julie’s  Drink of Choice: M&D Martini  
Ingredients: Grey Goose Vodka, Blue cheese stuffed olives
Cost: $9.00

Review: I was in the mood for a martini. So why not get the one that’s named after the place. The M&D Martini, which has two ingredients- Grey Goose Vodka and Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives was incredible.  The Grey Goose went down smoothly and the blue cheese olives gave it just the right kick. The only downfall was that I drank it too slowly and the blue cheese began to overpower the vodka and make the last few sips quite hard to swallow.  But I ate the olives and finished up.  However, the olives were skewered by a golf tee, which was a great touch!



Guest Blogger Burns’ Drink of Choice: Dark & Stormy  
Ingredients: Goslings Dark Rum, Goslings Ginger Beer
Cost: $8.00

Review:  If you’re too Bud Light manly for fruit in your drinks you should go with the Dark and Stormy. The Dark and Stormy is a rare drink to find. Few bars usually carry the ginger beer that the drink requires. Rum floating on beer, who would pass that up? Goes down smooth and is served perfectly poured to keep the parts separate but equal.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Thirteen white wines are available for $7-13 per glass and $24-48 a bottle.  Ten reds are also on the menu for $8-13 a glass and $24-48 a bottle. There are also two sangria varieties (red raspberry and white apple) as well as four sparkling wines.

Beer Prices: Twelve beers are available by the bottle and five (including Shipyard) are on tap.  No prices were listed on the menu!

Other:  Max & Dylans has an extensive cocktail menu, with five margaritas for $8-10 each, ten martinis for $9 each, and five mojito flavors for $8-9 each. There is also a “specialty drink” menu consisting of an additional ten concoctions such as a Pineapple Cosmo, Ruby Red Greyhound, and Minute Man Bloody Mary. These all sell for $8-10 each.

Max & Dylan’s full drink menu is available online here!


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