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The Whiskey Priest

“On four-square, Whiskey Priest was categorized as “Frat-tastic,” but the establishment is much nicer than any frat houses we frequented in college.”

Neighborhood: Waterfront
Address: 150 Northern Avenue
Date of Visit: Thursday, January 19, 2012
Server Name:

The Vibe

Whiskey Priest was surprisingly large, especially where it sits next to the uniquely laid out Atlantic Beer Garden. The bar rests along the left wall of the establishment, which was adorned with the tops of whiskey casks advertising the extensive whiskey menu here. Speaking of the whiskey menu, it’s priced fairly reasonably for the location and includes many whiskeys that you would be hard pressed to find anyplace else (it was the first time we’d seen Oban anyplace other than the liquor store, and Oban is delicious!). As you walk further into the bar, you’ll notice small alcoves on either side of the door. To the right side appeared to be a private dining area, which ginormous plates of wings and nachos continuously disappeared to; while to the left, a small dining area overlooked the bar and had a large flat screen kitty-cornered in the corner.  When we checked in on four-square, the Whiskey Priest was categorized as “Frat-tastic,” and although we can see why that vibe might be applicable, the establishment is much nicer than any frat houses we frequented in college. We went in on a Thursday (after free admission at the ICA), and were happy to notice that Stump trivia was gearing up (although they did start carding at the door at 7pm). We skipped trivia, though, and were glad we did as it seemed as if the questions were softballs (at least in the first half).  Our waitress was great and even turned the Bruins on for Eric to watch.  The only downside, the food is a bit pricey for the quality, although the potato chips are delicious!

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Key Lime Martini  
Ingredients:  Bacardi Limon, Frangelico, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, splash of Half & Half, graham cracker rim
Cost: $10.00

Review: Ok, well let’s start off with the fact that despite a graham cracker rim being listed on the menu, clearly it was lacking.  We all know how I feel about that.  However, I will let it pass this time as the drink was advertised as a “Key Lime Martini” and not a “Key Lime Pie Martini.”  That being said, the addition of the graham cracker probably would have bumped this martini up to a five cheers as it was delicious to begin with.  When the drink arrived, I had to double check the menu to see what white substance could possibly be floating on top (hold your dirty jokes) as it was separated from the rest of the drink.   Yup, that would be the half and half, which although gave the drink a definite creamy texture, also made it so you needed to stir frequently in order to get all of the flavors in one sip.   Other than that, this drink was spot on and tasted exactly like key lime in that it had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy – a must try if you’re a fan of key lime pie!



Eric’s Drink of Choice: “Turtle” Wax 
Ingredients: Avion Tequila, Melon Liqueur, Banana Liqueur, splash of sour mix
Cost: $10.00

Review: First of all, the name is absolutely fantastic and suitable as the drink resembles the classic car-polishing goop. That being said, the drink was REALLY sweet…like I-THINK-MY-TEETH-ARE-ROTTING-OUT-OF-MY-HEAD-RIGHT-NOW sweet. The Avion was barely noticeable over the sugary liquors and splash of sour; however I got quite the banana-melon flavor with each sip. I did notice that the tequila flavor picked up as I sipped, so perhaps it just needed a few more shakes.  Valerie thought it tasted exactly like the green starburst from the tropical package.

Despite the ultra-sugary taste of the drink, the flavor profile was actually okay, and I finished the entire cocktail. I think that with a salted rim or more lime/less melon, this would have been an absolutely phenomenal concoction. The lack of anything cutting the sweet flavor just made the first few sips difficult. Also, make sure to avoid trying to pair this with any food, as trying to eat anything (except maybe a banana, or perhaps a kiwi?) is nearly impossible.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Thirteen whites and ten reds are available by the glass for $7 to $14 and by the bottle for $26 to $38.  Two champagnes are also on the menu.

Beer Prices: Thirty six bottled beers are available, including a few we haven’t seen listed before, such as Wells Banana Bread, and the 50 Black Lager, which 50% of the proceeds benefit charities in support of veterans and their families. Thirty draft beers are on the menu as well, although no prices are listed.

Other:  The Whiskey Priest has sixteen cocktails listed on their menu, all of which run for $8 to $12 each. Options besides the two above include red sangria, a Wild Meathman, Lemon Meringue Martini, Toasted Pineapple Martini, and a Mint Julep.

The full drink menu is available online here.


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