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Hot Toddy Event with Google Places!

This past Thursday, Booze in Boston had the amazing experience of hosting a gathering for National Hot Toddy Day (albeit a day late) with Google Places at Eastern Standard!  We’ll be back later this week to review the other cocktails we had at Eastern Standard, but wanted to share some photos with you from the event, as well as Eric’s review of their Hot Toddy.

Each guest had to review two places through Google Places to get a ticket good for a free Hot Toddy, complete with a Google Places swizzle stick!  Check out some of our best reviewers of the evening:


Once reviews were done…the drinks came out piping hot, which was perfect on a cold drizzly day!

Eric wanted to sip his Hot Toddy with his pinky out…

We made new friends with Lindsey and Jon from Beantown Eats!

And of course there was swag….L.O.V.E. the coasters!

Here’s our little team comprised of Eric, Valerie and Adri from Google Boston!

Of course no post would be complete without ONE drink review…so here’s Eric’s thoughts on Eastern Standard’s Hot Toddy!

Eric’s Drink of Choice: London Toddy
Ingredients: Aromatic Gin with Vanilla, Cardamom, and compound bitters
Cost: Free with Google Places reviews…but usually $10

Review: Described by Eastern Standard as, “Warming from the inside out,” the drink was true to the claim! Earlier in the week, I had explained my definition of a Hot Toddy to Valerie, which is what we were handing out at the event; that being said, I opted to go the less traditional route and try out this Gin-based Toddy. Much different than its more American cousin, the London Toddy proved to be smooth, and the use of gin as opposed to brandy or whiskey allowed the vanilla and cardamom to truly stand out as the stars of this delicious libation. In terms of hot drinks, the traditional toddy is something reserved by most for those days when they are feeling under the weather, but the London Toddy was something that I feel I could drink on any cold and wet day. Overall, this yummy cocktail is something I would try again, provided it actually stays winter for a while here in Boston.


P.S. You can find out about all of Google Boston’s event by following them on twitter @GoogleBoston. You can also sign up for their newsletter here!


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