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5 Napkin Burger

“Featuring a New York meat locker-type feel, the restaurant is adorned with chains and meat hooks, dark wood, and low lighting.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 105 Huntington Avenue
Date of Visit: Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Bartender Name:
 “Bar P”

The Vibe

5 Napkin Burger is a total transformation from the former Daily Grill that used to reside in this same location. Featuring a New York meat locker-type feel, the restaurant is adorned with chains and meat hooks, dark wood, and low lighting. The large tiles are reminiscent of a subway station.  The bar area is fairly elaborate and the dining room provides large tables with room for privacy. 5 Napkin features a Happy Hour food menu (available 4-7pm and 9pm to close) that features $2 sliders, which are tasty and delicious, as well as a number of other options such as taquitos and hand rolls. Just a note that the Happy Hour menu is only available at the bar, but they do put out place mats when you order food, which is a nice touch. The bar is great for groups, and since the restaurant’s opening weeks we haven’t seen it totally packed. You can enter the establishment from either Huntington Ave or through the Prudential Center, which is nice if you’re coming from the Newbury/Boylston Street area or are attending a conference in the area.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Frozen Strawberry Mojito  
Ingredients:  No ingredients listed on menu…commonly made with rum, club soda, strawberries, mint, lime, sugar, ice
Cost: $9.00

Review: On yet another unseasonably warm December day, I decided to splurge for the frozen drink.  The frozen strawberry mojito was like a three way mix between fruit smoothie, strawberry daquiri, and mojito. There was also a bit of a medicinal aftertaste – not sure if this was coming from the alcohol or not as I was unable to see what kind of rum was used to make it.  There was a lot of ice used to make the drink, and as such it was a bit chunky, and lacking slightly in the flavor department.  In short, I would have preferred just a regular strawberry mojito…hold the frozen.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Tennessee Tea  
Ingredients: Jack Daniels, Ginger ale, vermouth, mint, ginger syrup
Cost: $9.00

Review: At first glance I was going to avoid the Tennessee Tea because it seemed too much like the recipes you see on the Jack Daniels gift set boxes; however, the drink surprised me with its unique flavor and deliciousness.  The Jack was offset by the vermouth and ginger syrup, making the drink somewhat sweet and delicious. This was great on a cold blustery day but may be more appropriate as a beach or lakeside cocktail with its yummy flavors and refreshing aftertaste.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Six each of whites and reds by the glass for $8 to $11 each. We’re sure they have bottles, but no prices were listed on the menu provided to us at the bar.

Beer Prices: Tons of bottled beers are offered at 5 Napkins, sixty seven to be exact.  Most of these are in the $7 range, but there are a few varieties that go as high as $29.50.  They have six beers on tap, including “Joker’s Wild,” which is a rotating tap. These are all $7 to $7 a pint.

Other:  5 Napkin Burger has eight mixed drinks on their menu. Along with the two above, there is a Pomegranite-Berry Cosmo, Thyme Lemonade, Blood Orange Martini, Berry Apricot Fizz, Ginger Caipirinha, and the Perfect 5 Napkin Manhattan.  All of their mixed cocktails are $8 to $11 each.


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