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SideBar & Grille

“SideBar & Grille is located in the Sheraton’s lobby –   not quite excluded from the lobby section, sitting at the bar allows for less privacy, but good people watching.” 

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 39 Dalton Street
Date of Visit: Wednesday, December 21 , 2011
Bartender Name:

The Vibe

SideBar & Grille is located in the Sheraton’s lobby.  It’s off to the side, but not quite excluded from the lobby section, so sitting at the bar allows for less privacy, but good people watching.  The area includes the bar in the middle as well as several tables to serve the restaurant side.  The bar consists of low plush backless seats (think padded stool), which were surprisingly comfortable. There is also a plethora of lounge seating as well as some high stools on one side of bar (opposite of where we sat).  The two bartenders that were serving us were extremely friendly, however one of them did have to look up how to make one of the drinks on their own cocktail menu.  Another nice touch – each of us who sat down got our own serving of bar nuts (poured fresh in front of us), although Valerie found them to be very spicy as there were wasabi nuts in the mix! If you’re looking to watch a game, this probably isn’t the best place, but they do have a couple of small TVs that the staff is more than happy to tune appropriately.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Washington Apple
Ingredients:  Crown Royale, apple pucker, cranberry juice
Cost: $10.00

Review: Holy apple.  Granted, this is an apple drink, but it was very apple-y!  The apple pucker is overpowering in this drink, to the point where I couldn’t taste the Crown Royale at all, and the only way I knew that there was cranberry juice even in the drink was that it was a pink color instead of the pucker’s green hue. Now, obviously this isn’t what an apple actually tastes like, more like an apple candy or Jolly Rancher –  when Eric took a sip he said it reminded him of a shot he had on his 21st birthday. This drink was yummy but I did find myself having to alternate with sips of water to offset its sweetness.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: The SheraTEN  
Ingredients: Tanguery 10, vermouth, straight up with a twist of lime Cost: $12.00

Review: Visually, this cocktail was beautiful. As you can tell from the photo, the bartender did make a boo-boo and used a twist of lemon instead of a twist of lime (he also “cracked the egg” and spilled some ice into the drink, one of my pet peeves). Tanqueray 10 is simply delicious, and despite it being lemon instead of lime, the citrus accented the smooth gin just perfectly. As our good friend and owner Burns would say, the gin martini is the only martini, and this is one to go back for!



Introducing our newest Guest Blogger….Julie!!!  
Julie’s Drink of Choice: Blueberry Pie
Ingredients: Stoli blueberi, wild blueberry juice, pie crust rim
Cost: $12.00

Review: Normally, I do not stray from the way I like my martinis. Which is extra filthy dirty, with Kettle One and extra olives. However, since I knew that I was drinking with Booze in Boston (dotcom) I needed to get something different. To be honest it was the only drink on the their speciality cocktail menu that stood out to me. Maybe it was because I am yearning for summer, or maybe it was the pie crust rim. Either way, I am glad I ordered it.  I don’t normally enjoy flavored vodka, unless its Absolut Boston, but the Stoli Blueberi in this drink was smooth.  Mixed with “wild blueberry” juice, as opposed to “cultivated” blueberries (ha) it was the perfect way to end the night. Even if the bartender put grapes in it instead of blueberries….


The Stats

Wine Prices: Thirteen whites available for $7 to $9 a glass (some varieties bottled only) and by the bottle for $30 to $60. Fifteen red wines for $ $9 to $13 a glass (some bottled only) and $34 to $94 a bottle. Five champagnes also available, one by the glass for $11 and the rest by the bottle only starting at $42.

Beer Prices: Six beers on tap and nine bottled beers are available for $6 to $7.50 each.  There is also a “Sam Adams Flight” option, which includes 7 oz. pours of Sam Adams Boston Lager, Seasonal, and Brick Red.  SideBar also has four “Hand Crafted Selections,” including Dogfish Head, Magic Hat, Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, and Harpoon Leviathan for $8 and $9 each.

Other:  SideBar has a menu including seven cocktails all for $10 each, such as a Black Raspberry Mojito, a Vanilla Gingerade, and two seasonal drinks, a Pumpkin Pie on the Rocks, and a Chocolate and Raspberry Bellini.  There is also a Martini menu consisting of seven drinks all for $12, including a Cosmopolitan, pomegranate, pear, and chocolate martinis.


One comment on “SideBar & Grille

  1. sarahsmodernbites
    December 31, 2011

    I had no idea that SideBar existed! I love finding new places to drink in Boston… There are just so many! ❤ Gin! Happy New Year you guys! P.S don't forget to email me about the wine tour!

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