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Purple Shamrock

“The Purple Shamrock is a Union Street establishment just on the fringe of the popular Faneuil Hall that caters to a crowd of college students and post-grads in the evening.”

Neighborhood: Faneuil
Address: 1 Union Street
Date of Visit: Saturday, December 17, 2011
Bartender Name:

The Vibe

The Purple Shamrock is a Union Street establishment just on the fringe of the popular Faneuil Hall, and as Yelp! suggests, caters to a crowd of college students and post-grads in the evening; however, is actually a nice pub before around 9PM or so! As we enjoyed a drink or two in celebration of Burns’ birthday, we watched as tables and chairs were removed from the dining area as it was converted into a dance floor, catering to those who enjoy “grinding” to beats generated by local DJs. The solid wood bar was easy to find a spot to order at (try near the beer towers), but the bartenders were less than personable, probably because they were dreading the crowds that would follow later in the evening. The Purple Shamrock does have a great bar area full of high top tables for sitting or standing, making it good for small groups.  Once the club turned into its Saturday night party mode, the lights dimmed, music went up and the crowds came in despite the $5 cover.  One of the overhead fans even turned into an advertisement with green scrolling text.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Bikini Martini 
Ingredients: Stoli vanilla, Midori, coconut rum, pineapple, grenadine
Cost: $7.00

Review: First off, I would like to point out that this picture was taken before I even took a sip, and as you can tell, the glass is only about half full (that’s me being an optimist there).  I understand that the price point on these drinks is lower, but if you can’t fill the glass…use a smaller one!  The Bikini Martini was good – I joked that it would have been better on a beach, but December in Boston would have to do.  The flavor was fruity thanks to the coconut rum and pineapple juice – almost like a pina colada with a splash of Midori.  I couldn’t taste much of the vanilla vodka, and if there was any sort of grenadine actually in the drink, I’m not sure it would have been such a bright green color.  I know Midori is bright, but when paired with something red like grenadine it shouldn’t look quite like that.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Knot Your Average Manhattan
Ingredients: Knot Irish Whiskey, sweet vermouth
Cost: $8.00

Review: Intrigued. That was my first thought when reading the Purple Shamrock menu. I’ve had Manhattans before, but this one takes the cake. A generous and perfect pour made this Manhattan totally sippable and absolutely delicious. The Knot Whiskey was smooth and crisp, but when paired with the sweet vermouth made for a perfect, almost buttery texture (if a cocktail could have one)! If it wasn’t a bar focused more on nightlife and beer, I would come enjoy Purple Shamrock’s “Knot Your Average Manhattan” all the time!


The Stats

Wine Prices:  Four red wines and six white wines are available at $6-8 per glass and $23 to $30 per bottle.

Beer Prices:  Eleven beers on tap and fifteen bottled varieties available – no prices listed on the menu, but they were fairly inexpensive.

Other:  The Purple Shamrock has eleven cocktails listed on their menu, including two varieties of sangria (red and white), as well as the “Shave and a Hair Cut” made with Sailor Jerry, Coke, & Guinness, a Pinnacle Whipped Chocolate, and a Blueberry Lemonade.


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