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“Sonsie is open and trendy, with dark wood and low-light in the evening, but giant windows facing Newbury Street which allow tons of light during the day.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 327 Newbury Street
Date of Visit: Saturday, December 5, 2011
Bartender Name:
 Alem (accompanied by his companion bartendress, but we didn’t get her name)

The Vibe

Sonsie is open and trendy, with dark wood and low-light in the evening, but giant windows facing Newbury Street which allow tons of light during the day. The giant windows also open completely, meaning that we were enjoying our drinks in an open air restaurant on December 5th due to how warm it was outside (craziness). The restaurant has lots of candles and string lights (making it hard to take pictures but great ambiance), and was decked out for the holidays with wreaths, bows, and presents all over.  Their regular decor, which includes large portraits of women holding power tools, although eclectic, works well in the space. There are a lot of tables in this place, facing open air sidewalk onto Newbury, towards the back of the restaurant, as well as a good number of high top tables in the bar area which would be great for drinks and an appetizer after work.

The bartenders were both very attentive and well-versed in their craft as well as Sonsie’s menu, and were also really chatty which we enjoyed especially since they did a great job spreading the attention out over a pretty full bar. Sonsie also has private dining space, the Wine Room, which is awesome and would be great for a larger group or special event (shhh, this is where we will have Val’s birthday next summer, mark the calendars now!)

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Dana’s Lemon Drop 
Ingredients:  citrus vodka, limoncello, sugared rim
Cost: $12.00

Review: It has been quite awhile since I last had a lemon drop, and after indulging in this one, I’m not sure why I don’t drink them more often!  First off, the rim on the glass was coated in sweet lemon candy pieces, adding the perfect bit of sweetness to the drink while keeping with the lemon-y flavor. The balance of sweet to sour was spot on with this drink, and the top was frothy providing a good texture. It tasted like a liquid version of those lemon bars that are topped with powdered sugar.  I could easily have had a couple of them!



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Cranberry  
Ingredients: gin, cranberry simple, elderflower, bubbles, lime
Cost: $11.00

Review: I felt super duper seasonal when I ordered the Cranberry, as it had fresh and delicious cranberries floating within the drink. At first sip, this cocktail was absolutely delicious, with a fresh and crisp taste that one could only attribute to the bubbles and cranberry simple syrup. Despite being so delicious at the onset, the libation had a very distinct aftertaste that was almost astringent or medicine-y. The overall flavor reminded me of a white sangria, which was perfect for our open-air dining experience (in December…thank you New England)! Would I order it again? Maybe, but I will definitley be back to Sonsie for more drinks!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Too many wines to list!  Most go for $7 to $9 a glass.  For the whole menu, look here.  Also from their website, “New to Sonsie is the downstairs Wine Room. An elegant old world feel blended with modern design featuring a walk-in temperature controlled glass wine cellar. With over two hundred wines offered and a unique opportunity to try most by the glass. The wine room is open six nights a week and may be reserved for private dining.”

Beer Prices: Five beers are on tap – Sam seasonal, Long Trail, Heineken,Hoegarden and Stella.  Ten bottled beers also available.  No prices listed!

Other:  Sonsie has a shorter cocktail menu than some of our other recent reviews, but they run the gamut from the two above, a side car, and a grapefruit based drink.  Most are $11 or $12 each.


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