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Geoffrey’s Cafe

“Geoffrey’s is the perfect casual jump off before a night out at Club Cafe, Clery’s, or any of the other louder establishments in the area.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 142 Berkeley Street
Date of Visit: Friday, October 28, 2011
Bartender Name:

The Vibe

We came to Geoffrey’s to celebrate the second annual champagne day as they offer up tons of mixed drinks that include bubbly (mostly prosecco, but we took what we could get on a small budget).  We may have preferred to drink it straight from the bottle with nothing added, but that would go against our rule to try new things beyond the traditional beer & wine.  The crowd in here was hysterical. One notable quote was, “I can’t believe you’ve been sharing your pickle!” while another gentleman proceeded to show us the numerous ways he could wear his hat. These types of characters, paired with the low-lit ambiance, Halloween decor (see the picture above – this place was decked out for the holiday), and the Britney Spears playing over the speakers throughout the entire establishment, made for a truly interesting, yet comfortable, experience.

Geoffrey’s is the perfect casual jump off before a night out at Club Cafe, Clery’s, or any of the other louder establishments in the area. One of the best part about Geoffrey’s is the reasonable prices (especially for the Back Bay area).  We walked out of there for right around $15 for two drinks including tax & tip.  Their food prices are great too and gets good reviews on Yelp; however, our server wasn’t the best, and we were lucky to have seen him twice in the hour we were there. Next time, we’ll grab a table with friends or make sure to get seats at the bar, as the bartenders both seemed super personable and totally competent in making delicious cocktails!

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: The Liz Taylor (pictured on the left below)
Ingredients: Mionetto Prosecco, blue curacao, blackberry liqueur
Cost: $5.50

Review: I had high hopes for champagne day and Geoffrey’s plethora of bubbly options.  Sadly, I was a bit disappointed with the Liz Taylor (drink not actress).  First of all, when I think of champagne cocktails, I think of light, crisp, cool beverages, none of which applied here.  The drink was heavy, a sort of sticky sweet, perhaps a combination of the blue curacao and blackberry liqueur.  In short, it could have used more prosecco (I mean, what couldn’t) to help cut the drink better.  Second, the drink was served almost at room temperature.  Eric said he saw the bartender pop the cork on our bottle of prosecco, so it likely was not chilled prior to being poured. Having a chilled drink would have definitely improved my rating here.


Eric’s Drink of Choice: The Lil’ Kim  (pictured on the right above)
Ingredients: Mionetto Prosecco, Hypnotiq Liqueur
Cost: $6.00

Review:  The Lil’ Kim was basic, mixing two ingredients in a cocktail that I’m pretty sure is one of the recipes included in the card that comes with a Hypnotic bottle when purchased in the liquor store. I would have liked to taste a bit more of the flavors of the Hypnotiq and less of the champagne, using the prosecco as more of a bubbly garnish. Perhaps a splash of cognac paired with grenedine  to bring out the flavor profile of the Hypnotiq may have done more for me.  That being said, the drink was palatable as is, although it’s truly a novelty cocktail and won’t have me rushing back to order another!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Eight whites available by the glass for $7.50 – $10 and by the bottle for $29 to $34.  Fourteen red varieties also offered for $7-$11 per glass and $29 – $70 for a bottle, with most in the $35 range.  Two champagnes listed by the bottle only.

Beer Prices: Lots of bottled beers at different price points, including PBR, Narragansett, Sol and Clausthauler for $3 each, Sam Adams Boston Lager and Seasonal , Flying Dog, and Dixie Blackend Voodoo Lager for $4.50, as well as Estrella Daura, a gluten free beer, for $4.50.

Other:  Geoffrey’s has a lot of mixed drinks on their menu.  Along with our two bubbly concoctions, there are ten other drinks on their “Bubbly & Such” menu, all in the $5-$6.50 range.  There is also a list of eleven “Geoffrey’s Tini’s, including an Espresso Tini, a Pom Tini, a Dirty Dog, and a drink called French Silk Panties which consists of Greg Goose, Grand Marnier, blackberry liqueur and a prosecco float. These run from $7.50 to $9.  Finally they have a list of nine “G Cocktails” with some more traditional drinks like a strawberry margarita, mai tai and a dark & stormy, all of which are $7.50.

Geoffrey’s Cafe’s full drink menu is online here (although a bit out-dated!  Their full food menu is also available on their website.


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    November 7, 2011

    Great! thanks for the share!

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