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The Kinsale

“The artwork in some sections is really interesting – above our table was a shadowbox full of different cork screws from over time – some of them looked like medieval torture devices!”

Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 2 Center Plaza
Date of Visit: Monday, October 24, 2011
Server Name:
 Laura G.

The Vibe

The Kinsale is dubbed as an Irish Pub & Restaurant, and it definitely is.  The dark wood, cobblestone flooring details and low lights give it a pub vibe, and the TV screens in the bar area added a slight sports bar touch. There’s enough TVs to sport most of the games you’d be looking for on a given day.  The Kinsale has a restaurant area near the bar and another room full of more secluded seating to the side, and also features patio seating (and the interesting people watching that comes along with it). The artwork in some sections is really interesting – above our table was a shadowbox full of different cork screws from over time – some of them looked like medieval torture devices! One of the things we found (and lovedddd) was that they offer their desserts in “petite’ portions for half the cost.  The petite portions were far from petite as Valerie got what looked like a full sized slice of Mud Pie.  They have pub trivia every Wednesday at 7pm and live bands every Saturday. The location is perfect as its outside of the hustle and bustle yet close enough to get to public transit (and, if you’re anti-MBTA, they validate parking as well).

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Creme de Caramel Apple Martini  
Ingredients:  Stoli Gala Applik, Godiva Caramel Liqueur
Cost: $10.00

Review: On a cool fall evening, this looked like the perfect seasonal treat.  With two ingredients how could one go wrong right?  Upon the first few sips, this drink was delicious – it was smooth and creamy, with a bit of a Bailey’s flavor.  The caramel and apple flavors were prominent and tasty.  As I kept drinking, however, I found myself struggling to finish the drink – it was just too sweet. Then, the longer it sat, the warmer it got, which just made it harder to get down! This drink could have been cut with something (what, I’m not entirely sure, but something) to help balance it out a bit.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Baja Bog  
Ingredients: Jose Cuervo Silver, orange bitters, white cranberry juice, soda
Cost: $9.00

Review:  Up until we went to Tico  (review coming soon) I would say that this drink was one of the best tequila cocktails I’ve ever had. This cocktail had the expected tequila kick up front, but the white cranberry juice and orange bitters balanced perfectly to smooth out the taste. The drink was perfectly proportioned, although I thought a lime garnish would have been a nice touch.


Introducing our Guest Blogger….Katie C.!!! 
Katie’s Drink of Choice: Jack Rose
Ingredients: Apple Jack, simple syrup, lemonade, grenadine, cherry
Cost: $9.00

Review:  It is a great honor to be asked to be Booze in Boston’s first guest reviewer and I hope I can do justice to the fine blog my dear friends have created.  I visited the Kinsale with Val and Eric for some tasty drinks and desserts.  My drink of choice was the the Jack Rose which I had high hopes for.  Upon its delivery to the table, my first impressions with not only my drink, but all the drinks, was that they weren’t skimpy on the portions.  However, my Jack Rose contained just a bit to much grenadine for my taste, thus giving it a flavor reminiscent of cough syrup.  Both the Apple Jack and lemonade were lost due to the overall cherry-ness of the drink.  However, I do highly recommend the petit Genoise cake, which was very delicious!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Six whites available at either $8 or $10 a glass and $30 or $38 a bottle.  Nine reds also at $8 or $10 per glass and by the bottle at $30, $38, or $48.

Beer Prices: Seven craft beers by the bottle, most for $5 – $6 each.  Eleven imports and nine domestic bottles from $3.50 to $9 a bottle with most in the five dollar range. The Kinsale also has nine “Bombers” by the bottle, including both regular Magners and Pear Magners ($8.50 each), Bastard Ale, Ipswitch Pale Ale, and for $25 a bottle there’s also Souther Tier Unearthly IPA (19.5% alcohol).  Seventeen varieties are on draft in both 16oz and 22oz. for between $5 and $8 each.

Other:  The Kinsale has a fairly extensive mixed drink menu, with six “Classic” drinks, all $9 each.  Along with the Baja Bog they also have a Moscow Mule, a Port-Whiskey Punch, and a Bees Knees (Hendrick’s Gin, honey, simple syrup, lemonade, twist garnish).  There are also six “House” drinks, including the Apple Caramel Martini, a Bloody Mary, Irish Coffee, & Hot Toddy. These run for $7 to $10.


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