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Lansdowne Pub

“Compliments to the bartender here, as she was quite knowledgeable and conversational – it was quite clear that she knew her spirits.”

Neighborhood: Fenway
Address: 9 Lansdowne Street
Date of Visit: Saturday, October 8, 2011
Bartender Name:
Unknown (no name on check)

The Vibe

Eric despised the Landsdowne. There, we’ve said it. Ever since the current establishment took the place of his favorite novelty dueling piano bar Jake Ivory’s he has refused to enter, despite the rave reviews on the internet and such television shows as “The Phantom Gourmet.” As we walked towards Fenway for a House of Blues show, Eric said, “We have to get this over with, let’s go to Landsdowne,” and on that day, his opinion was forever changed.

As you enter the Landsdowne you immediately notice the spacious and bright patio, which we thought would be perfect for people-watching but not on a game day as it would more than likely be pretty noisy. As we stepped into the bar we immediately were drawn in by the European-Pub style, with dark wood, low lighting, and walls covered in bookshelves and Irish alcohol advertisements. The bar here is HUGE and more reminiscent of the club scene, with three bars in one that is directly across from the stage area where the bar hosts live music and other entertainment. The bar also boasts the full menu, from which we ordered delicious fries (Eric had some gravy).

Compliments to the bartender here, as she was quite knowledgeable and conversational. It was quite clear that she knew her spirits and the Landsdowne menu, making ordering a fun process rather than just reciting off of a list!  The only downside was that she wasn’t able to find a copy of the printed summer cocktail list, so our options may have been limited.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Rum Ball  
Ingredients: Sailor Jerry Rum, grenadine, soda water
Cost: $8.00

Review: Although I am not the biggest fan on Sailor Jerry Rum (I much prefer my Captains), I decided to try the Rum Ball as it was the best sounding option of what the bartender rattled off from their Summer Cocktail menu (why they were still serving summer cocktails, who knows).  This drink was OK – it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t anything much to write home about. It was fairly sweet with all of the grenadine, but the soda water helped to cut it a bit. Overall, your typical rum punch.



Eric’s Drinks of Choice: Limerick Sun  
Ingredients: Whiskey, grenadine, sour mix
Cost: $8.00

Review:  The Limerick Sun was a delicious blend of whiskey and grenadine that was perfectly offset by the sour mix. The blend of flavors took the bite out of the whiskey that I expected at first sip. The bartender was quick to note that there was only a small splash of sour mix in the cocktail, and the main goal of adding it was to balance the grenadine as to create a delicious whiskey drink as opposed to a sweet and fruity cocktail. I’ll order this one again next summer, but in a rocks glass!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Seven white wines at either $5 or $7 a glass, and  eight reds at $5, $6 and $7 a glass.  No bottle prices listed.  Two champagnes also available.

Beer Prices: Thirteen beers on tap, and forty bottled beers.  No prices were listed on the main menu, but the Oktoberfest featured beers were all $5 or $6 each.

Other:  Lansdowne Pub has seasonal cocktail menus, but we didn’t see one so we’re unfortunately unable to report on them!

Side Story:

Landsdowne Pub has quite the crowd, granted, there weren’t many people when we first arrived, but people began to trickle in shortly after we sat down. As we began to munch on our fries a large group came in, led by a gentleman who we later learned was named Matt and decked out in boxing garb, complete with short shorts, gloves, and a robe. The group grabbed a table behind us (they have some really cool group tables directly behind the bar) and placed their drink order. As we sat and chatted, Valerie was tapped on the shoulder by the boxer, who explained that it was his bachelor party. He had a scorecard of things that he could do to gain points, one of which was to teach a group of people to play Bridge and complete one hand (worth 4 points!).  Obviously, we obliged:

Thanks for the free shots gentlemen!  Hope the wedding was great 🙂


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