Booze in Boston

Bar to Bar Through Beantown

Fenway Park

“The essence of Fenway is its intimacy, a coziness that encourages, even demands, intensity. Fans become family; nicknames flourish.” 

Neighborhood: Fenway
Address: 4 Yawkey Way
Date of Visit: Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Bartender Name:
 A lovely lady at the stand by the bleachers!

The Vibe

On the website for Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary, the following is said: “The essence of Fenway is its intimacy, a coziness that encourages, even demands, intensity. Fans become family; nicknames flourish.”  This could not be more spot on.  The vibe in Fenway (even during a Sox Yankees game like we were at) is home-y.  The view is incredible no matter where you sit, and on a late summer night there truly is no better place to be

The Drinks

Valerie & Eric’s Drink of Convenience: Coors Light  
Ingredients: Mostly water along with a few other things
Cost: $8.00 each

Review:  Valerie thought she would be a good wife and grab a couple beers on the way back from her trip to the ladies room.  After standing in line for a few minutes, she was finally near the front when she realized the only beer they had in that particular section was Coors Light.  And so Coors Light it was.   While not the most delicious beer by any measure, the ambiance more than made up for it.  Don’t worry…the next round we had Sam Summers!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Red and white available for $8 or $9 a glass (we weren’t the best researchers here).

Beer Prices: Bud and Coors are $8 each.  Sam Summer, New Castle and Guinness also available for $8.75.  Really, it depends on where you’re sitting what’s around you.

Other:  Rumor has it there’s some place in Fenway where you can get mixed drinks.  We’ve never seen it and can’t imagine what kind of prices they would charge for it.


2 comments on “Fenway Park

  1. Julie Hershkowitz
    September 15, 2011

    The mixed drinks are available on the third base side of the field near the field boxes. They serve mostly absolute vodka drinks and I think rum based drinks, think rum and cokes. They are about $8. Unless the price has gone up.

    For concerts concession expands the drink availability to all over the park.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. will date for free food
    October 26, 2011

    They also have margarita’s on the Bud Deck. I think they were $9 or $9.50… and like every other drink there, they were watered down. Nice on a hot day though.

    Love the site!

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