Booze in Boston

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Lucca Back Bay

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 116 Huntington Avenue
Date of Visit: Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Server Name:

 Bar Side

Restaurant Side 

The Vibe

High ceilings, open, airy feel, and huge windows…you certainly wouldn’t find anything like this in the North End, and probably not anywhere else in the Back Bay! Lucca Back Bay’s truly unique style and layout made dining here romantic and intimate. The tables were perfectly spaced to where one may evesdrop if they’d like or simply enjoy quite conversation with their dining companion. The large murals give the restaurant a classic yet modern feel, and the large staircase ascending to the kitchen (okay, that was a bit weird) helps maintain the openness that we loved so much at Lucca and makes the delivery of the meal very unique.

The bar was very attractive and filled with a happy hour crowd of suits and skirts headed out for cocktails after work or an early dinner. This is definitely a nice option for a martini or other classic cocktail if you’re looking to hit someplace out of your norm or off the traditional Boston bar-scene.  We came in for Restaurant Week – the food was amazing, and it wasn’t overly crowded. They also have a private function room upstairs.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Raspberry Truffle  
Ingredients: Stoli Raspberry, Godiva White Chocolate, Bailey’s, Chambord
Cost: $13.00

Review: This little lady was delicious.  It was the perfect dessert beverage (although I already devoured the amazing cheesecake that came with my meal. Remember 6B’s Von Otto Express?   Well this is like a Von Otto with raspberry, and therefore you can’t go wrong. The drink was sweet and creamy with just the right amount of Chambord to give it that raspberry kick.  The only downfall (besides the hefty price tag) was that there was crushed ice that must have escaped from the shaker into my beverage, which is a no-no with such a martini.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: The Huntington    
Ingredients: Maker’s Mark bourbon, pear juice, honey
Cost: $12.00

Review:  The Huntington was a sweet and delicious version of an Old Fashioned, and sipping this cocktail made me feel like I was a character straight out of Mad Men (all that was missing was a suit, the Don Draper haircut, and my good friends Burns, Shep, and Conte). The pear juice was an unexpected twist on the traditional citrus flavors you’d find in the Old Fashioned, and the honey gave the drink a smooth and delectable finish that I’ve never experienced before. The only awkward part of this drink was the garnish. I couldn’t tell if the Huntington was trying too hard to be a martini (but with a black olive…really?) or the bartender got confused and missed the memo on what could (and in my opinion, should) have been a lemon wedge or a twist. Just think, a honey and sugar dipped lemon would have worked wonderfully and been totally different! (The black olive was different, too, but not my fave).


The Stats

Wine Prices: Lucca legit has a full length book full of wine options – we each had a glass for around $9 a piece.

Beer Prices: Five taps at $4 or $5 each; eleven bottles at $3 to $5 each (including cider) and also Anchor Porter by the bottle for $9.

Other:  There are nine “House Infused Spirits” for $11 a piece, including their “Fizzy Lifting Drink” and “Hot and Dirty.”  There are also eleven season coctails ranging from $9 to $13 each (ours were on this menu).  Other season cocktails include a pomegranate martini, sangria, and a lime gimlet.


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