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6B Lounge

“While they offer dancing and martinis on the weekend, they also offer the opportunity to grab some apps, watch a game, and have a few beers.”

Neighborhood: 6B Lounge
Address: 6b Beacon Street
Date of Visit: Monday, August 1, 2011
Server Name:
 Olive (the best bartendress in the land)

The Vibe

6B is a great mix of a pub and lounge. While they offer dancing and martinis on the weekend (90s night and whatnot), they also offer the opportunity to grab some apps, watch a game, and have a few beers. The best night of the week to visit is by far Mondays. Monday night is the magnificent trivia night, hosted by the College Trivia Guys, Conte and Jeremy! It’s free, and the winners get fabulous things like gift certificates and barware. If the bathrooms are busy on the 6B side, just head over to Emmet’s and use theirs! The bartendress, Olive, is phenomenal and can mix up anything you’d like complete with a beautiful Irish accent!

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Von Otto Express  
Ingredients: Vanilla vodka, kahlua, white Godiva liquor, expresso liquor
Cost: $9.00

Review: There is a reason why this is my favorite drink I’ve found thus far in the city – it is heaven in a perfectly chilled glass.  The Von Otto is listed as a dessert beverage, which in theory it is with the Godica liquor and kahlua, but I could probably drink these any time of the day.  This martini is strong (if I have two I’ve had more than enough) but sweet and delicious without being overly sugary or heavy.  Amazing.  Enough said.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Six B Martini  
Ingredients: Apple, currant and peach vodkas, assorted tropical juices
Cost: $10.00

Review:  Juicy and delicious, this wonderful cocktail reminds me of tropical vacations and warm summer nights on the beach. Tart and sassy, this delicious concoction would be great to enjoy during a 90s night, but is also a great way to get ready for a Monday night trivia with the ladies (and gentlemen)!  Also, as you can see from the picture, Olive understands how much I love water – and she brings over carafes with lemon!


BONUS DRINK!!!: Black Forrest
Ingredients: Guinness atop UFO Rasberry
Cost: $5.50

Review: One word…”YUM!” Olive, my favorite bartendress in the whole wide world suggested a “special” beer, which ended up being the most delicious black and tan I’ve ever tasted. Some background, Guinness is a wonderful beer that is surprisingly good for you, but when mixed with the wonderful raspberry flavor of the UFO, the pairing truly shines. The sweet flavor of the UFO pairs so nicely with the Guinness and is truly addictive. Don’t try to order the Black Forest anyplace else though, because they won’t know the name, AND most bars don’t carry UFO Raspberry. WIN for 6B!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Seven whites and six reds at $7-$11 a glass.

Beer Prices: Twelve drafts and twelve bottled beers(including Cider) at from $5.00 each.

Other:  6B has ten featured coctails at $8 each, including sangria (also offered in a carafe), a mojito, dark and stormy, etc.  There are ten signature martinis at $10 each, such as the Pomegranite Palomita, Raspberry Lemon Drop, and Blue Martini.  Along with the Von Otto, there are two other dessert martinis at $9 each.


3 comments on “6B Lounge

  1. Bunny
    September 13, 2011

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wriintg!

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