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Emmet’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

“This place is the epitome of a classic Irish pub – there’s lots of wood, from the paneling to the floors to the seating/tables, and there’s also a good crowd of middle-aged men.”

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill
Address: 6 Beacon Street
Date of Visit: Monday, August 1, 2011
Bartender Name:
Unknown (Eric lost the receipt!)

The Vibe

Emmet’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is exactly what it sounds like…an Irish pub and restaurant.  This place is the epitome of a classic Irish pub – there’s lots of wood, from the paneling to the floors to the seating/tables, and there’s also a good crowd of middle-aged men. Emmet’s is off the beaten path a bit from Park street, but is right in the Suffolk University neighborhood.  It’s directly attached to 6B (see post for 6B later this week!) and the two share a kitchen.  This seems like a place where one might visit to watch a Liverpool game, or just to head out for a pint after work. The menu does differ slightly than 6B, so both are worth visiting. The bathrooms are either downstairs or in the hallway that connects the two restaurants, and are quite small. The waitstaff is pretty attentive which makes it a great place to grab a quick bite or cocktail.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Coconut Lime Gimlet
Ingredients: Pearl coconut vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup 
Cost: $8.00

Review: This little lady was scrumptious.  It was sweet, tropical, fruity, and coconutty (so what if that’s not a word).  The lemon and lime garnish were not only attractive, but when squeezed in a bit, added to the refreshment.  I could have ordered another one, but they were strong and we were in a rush!



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Absolut Emmets    
Ingredients: Absolut Boston Vodka (was actually Wild Tea), iced tea, lemonade, lime juice
Cost: $8.00

Review:  While Valerie could do without any Absolut Boston-type drinks, I found this to be really great. After the first sip, I described it as iced tea with a kick, but the kick dissipated immediately after, leaving what is a great and refreshing beverage that was even better than iced tea! The bartender at Emmit’s did an exceptional job mixing this beverage, with great flavor that was not at all watered down by the mixing or ice. I was disappointed when I found that the Boston was in fact Wild Tea (because Boston was my favorite…RIP), but the taste was quite similar and the lime juice gave it just the right amount of bite to make it worthy of four cheers!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Eight whites at $8-10 per glass; nine reds at $6-10 per glass, and 2 rose at $8 a glass.  All bottled wine is $23.  Champagne split also available for $9.

Beer Prices: Emmet’s has twelve draft beers and six bottled beers – prices not listed.

Other:  There are a few assorted mixed beverages, most at $8 each.  Along with the two above, they have a Hot Toddy, and Dark & Stormy, among others.


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