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“Kings is a big establishment – there’s bowling lanes, pool, ski ball, and three bars. “

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 50 Dalton Street
Date of Visit: Tuesday, July 19th
Server Name:

The Vibe

Like some of the other posts lately, we’ve been visitors to Kings Back Bay for awhile now.  They have free Stump trivia on Tuesday nights (with a $100 cash prize for first place) so we come occasionally to test our wits.  Kings is a big establishment – there’s bowling lanes, pool, ski ball, and three bars.  We usually stick to the lounge area, so that’s the photo you see above.  It’s usually pretty busy here – typically a young professionals crowd.  This could be because of their weekly events.  Other than trivia on Tuesdays they also have Open Mic night on Wednesdays, Karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays and live music of Fridays. Tuesday’s are traditionally “College Nights” where there is free bowling with a college ID, and they also offer industry nights.  Just a note – it’s 21 plus after 8 pm.  The lounge is well…lounge-y – red plush seating in semi-circle booths near the bar, lots of table and chairs, and good mood-lighting.   They also have super tasty home-made potato chips and the steak tips are on par with some of the best in the city – yum!  The downside to our adventures here is that often the service is slow.  When first got there, there were several tables with a reserved sign on them but no one around (probably enough seats for 20 people at said tables, but no open seats anywhere else in the room.  We asked the server who walked by us what the deal was and she said if no one arrived from the reservation within 5 minutes we could sit down.  Five minutes later, the tables were still empty so we commandeered one.  We ordered drinks right away and asked for a food menu.  The drinks didn’t show up until we were well into the second round of trivia (about 25 minute or so) and we had to ask two more times to even get a menu.  Maybe it’s time to have more wait staff on…

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Mass Confusion  
Ingredients: Coconut rum, mango rum, pineapple juice, splash of cranberry juice
Cost: $10.00

Review: I ordered this drink because of the name.  As soon as I ordered it, the server told me that it was her favorite drink on the menu, so I had high hopes.  Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed with this one.  The drink was fruity and tropical tasting, but it was lacking something.  There was no fizz, and honestly, for a $10 beverage I could hardly taste the alcohol.  It was also sort of luke warm…maybe because of the fact that it took forever to get to our table.  It was just ok – I was left confused (pun intended).



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Kings Mojito (offered in original or raspberry)   
Ingredients:  Rum, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, mint simple syrup, splash of soda
Cost: $9.00

Review:  Mojitos have been a favorite of mine since I first started experimenting with cocktails. For the ease of assessment, I opted for the original, not the souped up raspberry. The fresh taste of mint, clear rum, and club soda is so refreshing and tasty. So many bars in Boston premix their Mojitos or just use commercial mix with a couple of mint leaves thrown in, but Kings makes them fresh, which was greatly appreciated. The mint was fresh and perfectly muddled but not obliterated, meaning that I didn’t have to deal with any mint pieces getting stuck in the straw. This drink really hit the spot, meaning it was both delicious and a bit on the strong side. A perfect drink to start off the night, the only downside was waiting so long for it!



BONUS DRINK: Gummi Beartini  (ordered by Valerie)
Ingredients:  Raspberry vodka, peach liquor, dash of sour mix, lime juice, gummy bears
Cost: $10.00

Review:  I was intrigued by a martini that came equipped with Gummy Bears, and decided to order the Gummi Beartini for my second cocktail of the evening.  Thankfully this time I was pleasantly surprised.  It literally smelt like a gummy bear from the second it was placed in front of me.  It was tangy and fruity, with the sweet and sour flavors playing off of each other well.  The three gummy bears in the bottom were a nice touch, and were a tasty treat for when the drink was gone.  I would order it again!


The Stats

Wine Prices: Reds and whites from $7-$10 per glass, or $28-$40 a bottle. Barefoot champagne available at $8 a glass or $30 a bottle – a few other champagnes also there from $36 to $100 a bottle (no glasses offered).

Beer Prices: Beers aren’t listed on the menu (so no prices available), but they have the usual on tap and bottled (Sam, Blue Moon, Coors, Budweiser, etc).

Other:  Kings has TONS of mixed drinks. There are 9 different martinis at $10 each, along with the two above, they also have a Skittletini made with skittles!  There are 5 frozen drinks at $9 each, such as coladas, daquiris, and a creamsicle.  Another of our favorites, Kings has four “Kings Big Balls”  which are served in a huge margarita glass and serve two people – one of these is called a Fish Bowl and is served with Swedish Fish in it.  We affectionately call these “big bowls” FSDs…standing for Face Sized Drink…because, well, they are the size of a person’s face.  Kings also has sangria at $8 for a small (glass) or $16 for a “very large” (aka FSD).


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