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Cafe 47

“Cafe 47 is what one might call small, but we think is cozy and inviting.”

Neighborhood: Back Bay
Address: 47 Massachusetts Avenue
Date of Visit: Monday, July11, 2011
Server Name:

The Vibe

Valerie found Cafe 47 almost two years ago when looking for a location to go out to dinner for Eric’s birthday – since then it has become one of our favorite restaurants.  We celebrated our graduate school graduation there with both of our families and also had our rehearsal dinner there! Needless to say, we love this place, but for those of your who have never been, here’s the scoop.  Cafe 47 is what one might call small, but we think is cozy and inviting.  It’s got great exposed brick walls, an open kitchen, trendy artwork and good lighting.  There’s plush seating in the forms of booths as well as chairs.  The bar area has recently been expanded to include some high top tables with chairs.  The music in here is fabulous – think Adele, Jason Mraz, Donavon Frankenreiter, Ray Lamontagne – it’s very condusive to conversation yet adds a nice touch! They have amazing food, and always have specials, recently including farm fresh fruits and veggies from the local area.  Cafe 47 also has special events like Make Your Own Sangria nights as well as organic beer tastings.  The owner and wait staff are super friendly and provide great service.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Blackberry Plum Sangria  
Ingredients: White wine, plums, fresh blueberries
Cost: $8.00

Review: Let’s be honest – blueberries have been one of my weaknesses ever since I was little and would pick blueberries out of my aunt’s bushes and eat them before washing them.  TMI?  Sorry…  Anywho – I had to try one of Cafe 47’s new specialty sangrias and this one clearly called out my name.  First off, I loved that these were served in Mason jars.  This concoction was very tasty, sweet, and refreshing.  You couldn’t taste the plums all that much (which was ok with me).  I liked the look of the floating fruit in the jar, but sometimes it got stuck in the straw making it hard to drink the sangria. Maybe that was intentional so that I would drink it more slowly?  It could have used a bit more wine, so that and the fruit-in-the-straw incident are the reason why it only gets four cheers.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Mango Basil Sangria    
Ingredients: White wine, mangoes, and fresh basil leaves
Cost: $8.00

Review:  Basil and sangria = delicious. This interesting blend of flavor was quite refreshing, although I don’t really consider this a true “sangria” by definition (it’s missing the liquor – a traditional sangria normally includes something like brandy or triple sec, if not a small splash of flavored vodka). The first sip was essentially just mango and wine, but as I allowed the flavors to play a bit, it mellowed quite a bit. In comparison to Valerie’s my beverage was very light and the basil gave it a great fresh flavor. The addition of the lemon also gave it that acidic flavor that a true sangria should have. The interesting concept and presentation made the drink super appetizing and this would have been wonderful had we been sitting on the patio and enjoying some type of summer salad, but alas, its not the best sangria I’ve had, so it gets 3 cheers.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Whites, blushes, and reds are available in glasses ranging from $7.50 to $9, and bottles from $25 to $45.   They have a lot of organic wines, and two sparkling wines (one organic) are also offered!

Beer Prices: They have 14 bottled beer – including Magners and a non-alcoholic option – all of which are $4.50 or $5.  They also have six drafts for $5 each and ten local craft beers which are all $5.50.  Gluten free and organic options!

Other:  Along with the two sangrias above, they have two other red wine sangrias.  Cafe 47 is beer and wine only, so no hard liquor!


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