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Pasta Beach

“Obviously the restaurant isn’t on an actual beach, but it is right on Rowe’s Wharf and has outdoor seating with a water view.”

Neighborhood: Waterfront
Address: 30 Rowes Wharf
Date of Visit: Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Server Name:
 Unknown 😦

The Vibe

We decided to go to Pasta Beach with a group of friends for Valerie’s birthday – the location was chosen based on the name alone, which included two of Valerie’s favorite things, carbohydrates, and beaches.  Their website is a little bare-boned, but we were pleaasantly surprised. Obviously the restaurant isn’t on an actual beach, but it is right on Rowe’s Wharf and has outdoor seating with a water view.  Inside, Pasta Beach is very, well, beachy.  It is light and airy, with sand colored walls, lots of interesting artwork of fish, lighthouses, ships, etc.  It’s also classy – while there are people in there with jeans on, the overall vibe is very put together.  We approved.  We waited at the bar for a bit for the rest of our party and enjoyed some bruschetta (sensing a theme here?), which was delicious.  They have different kinds – our favorites being the traditional bruschetta but also the toasted bread with garlic, salt, and olive oil – yum! The menu is mostly Italian – they have lots of pizza, pasta, and fish dishes.  They also do daily specials which is an added perk for frequent visitors, and it’s all reasonably priced.  Pasta Beach is closed on Mondays – just an FYI.

The Drinks

Valerie’s Drink of Choice: Sangria   
Ingredients: Unfortunately this was on the specials menu and no ingredients were listed!
Cost: $9.00

: I succumbed to peer pressure at dinner – everyone else was ordering the Sangria and raving about it, so I switched over from the Pinot Grigio I was drinking (which was delicious by the way) and ordered one of these fruity concoctions.  It was ok, but not great.  First of all, it was served in a regular glass with a straw – which made it seem more like a mixed drink than a wine concoction.  It was fruity (and garnished with lemons) but was perhaps a little too sweet, and therefore not refreshing as I think Sangria should be.  Because of it’s sweetness, it was easy to suck this puppy down, leaving me drinkless soon after it arrived (never a good thing, especially on my birthday).  Essentially, this drink was fine, but I would have rather stuck to my regular old wine.



Eric’s Drink of Choice: Gimlet
Ingredients: Gin, lime juice, lime on the rim
Cost: $10.00

Review:  There is nothing like a good Gimlet while sitting at a bar. I usually only drink Gimlets when people are enjoying martinis or for special occasions, of which this was (Val’s birthday)! There is something so perfect about the simple mixture of a good Gin and fresh lime juice. For the first time ever, the bartender asked me if I’d like fresh squeezed lime juice as opposed to the little green lime-shaped bottle kind. I had never even thought that the lime juice I had been given wouldn’t have been fresh, but after taking the first sip of my pulpy beverage, I could absolutely tell the difference. The gin played of the fresh lime just perfectly, and the pulp gave the drink an organic look, and almost reminded me of orange juice!  The bartender made the drink to perfection, rimming the glass with lime juice so I was able to enjoy the bite that the fresh lime offered. The only reason this doesn’t make “Five Cheers” is because the bartender forgot the cardinal rule of welcoming guests: tell us your name, and give us a cocktail napkin, something that only bothered me as the Gimlet was too full to drop the lime garnish into, so I was left holding it until I asked for a napkin.


The Stats

Wine Prices: Whites $8 to $15 a glass, $24- $52 per bottle.  Reds $8 to $15 a glass, $24 to $150 a bottle.  Champagne also available by glass or bottle.
Beer Prices: They have 8 beers at $6 each, including Sam Lager and Seasonal as well as Blue Moon.  They also have Miller High Life for $4.
Other:  Pasta Beach had two drinks on the Specials menu when we were there.  They also have seven after dinner drinks, including ports, limoncello, and grappa.

Because it was a birthday celebration, here’s a pic of our motley crew:


2 comments on “Pasta Beach

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  2. susie ropolo
    November 28, 2012

    Thank you for your wonderful review of Pasta Beach I finally found a moment to sit and relax and read …. all the posts about Pasta Beach ! Let me know when you would like to return .. e mail me and be our guest!

    I may be reached at

    Better late than never !I am sorry it took me a year to Thank you again

    My Best ,

    Susie Ropolo owner Pasta Beach

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